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Center of the Russian language

Center of the Russian language:
1. Teach Russian as a foreign language;
2. Prepare international students for testing;
3. Testing at all certification levels;
4. Testing for migrants who wish to obtain a work permit in the Russian Federation or those receiving Russian citizenship;
5. Applying to Russian universities 

Advantages of the Center:
• When you successfully complete your course you will receive certificate accepted in any organization or institution in Russia.
• Choice between group and individual lessons;
• Intensive preparation for testing;
• Convenient schedule of classes;
• Methodological support of educational process of all sorts of materials: work programs, educational complex, tests, manuals;
• Trial testing (to determine the degree of preparation of students before final testing).

Center of the Russian language:
Russian Language Center offers the following on the Russian language as a foreign language training program (RCTs):

- "Russian as a foreign language. Intensive Course "(from the elementary to the first certification level) - from 6 to 9 months;

- "Preparation for testing on Russian as a foreign language" (the base for receiving the citizenship of the Russian Federation, the base for obtaining a work permit) - from 3 to 5 months;

- "Preparation for testing on Russian as a foreign language" (for those who speak Russian at a basic level) - the duration of 1-2 weeks;

It is also possible to conduct individual sessions with students