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Chechen State Pedagogical University

The first title of university was Chechen-Ingush State Pedagogical Institute and established on 28 November 1980 by decision of the Council of Ministers.

Today, the Chechen State Pedagogical University holds one of the leading positions in the Chechen Republic’s Higher Education system. University prepares highly skilled professionals who can work in the educational and research institutions, public administration, pre-schools and various social services, business corporations, media, etc.

7 faculties, 2 institutions and 27 departments form the structure of the University, which headed by individuals with an academic degree and title.

The main goal of the Chechen State Pedagogical University is preparing / training of highly qualified specialists and carrying out scientific investigations in the educational areas.

The University successfully cooperates with universities and public organizations from Russian Federation, Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Moldova. The University participates in the implementation of national and international socio-educational, scientific projects and programs.

CHSPU competitive advantages are:

- high assessment level of vocational training graduates’ domestic employers, significant employment opportunities;

- access to the sports university complex (active sports club);

- the presence of the hostel;

- access to the collections of the University Library, including e-library;

- possibility of internships in public institutions;

- possibility of obtaining the second higher education;

- possibility of further study in graduate and postgraduate studies;


Students are the most active part of university. Our students do a huge work. They hold lots of various events. “The Gold Autumn”, “Mother’s Day”, Students Spring” and many other events led by students. There is Centre Harmonization of International Relations. There are working a big group of determined students who want to be active and participate in social life of university

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Contact Information:

Address: Prospekt Isayeva 62. Grozny, Chechen Republic, Russian Federation.

Phone: +7 8712 224-753

Email: interchspu@mail.ru